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Foreign Supplier Database

HondurasCooperativa Mixta Montaña Verde Limitada, Honduras This company has received direct TFO Canada project support.

Contact Information:

Reynaldo Enamorado Cordova
Barrio el Centro, San Luis Planes Santa Barbara
Santa Bárbara, HONDURAS
Telephone: +1 99523415


About this company:

Montaña Verde was created in 2000 as part of an initiative of CARE International, who supported the organization and training of coffee producers to help them reach acceptable levels of production of high quality coffee for export. The main objective was to create an business partnership of farmers that would help increase their family income through a strategy that would get them closer to the final buyer. Since 2001, the Canadian NGO and a roasting company have been working together in the promotion of the Café San Luis Honduras brand. This brand has been commercialized in Canada and the northern of the United States for 15 years through various export channels. Today, San Luis coffee, is part of the range of brands distributed by Van Houtte coffee (Keurig Canada), and has a prominent presence in distribution stores across North America. At the beginning, exports were made through an exporting company in San Pedro Sula, which paid for the production, services and export license. During this phase the quality of the product was validated and members were trained. In late 2005 USDA made an important donation of equipment and infrastructure for the production of coffee. Since 2005 Montaña Verde has been buying the coffee from the producers, drying it and preparing for export it with its own export license. In 2012 the members decided to become a mixed co-op to respond to the new market challenges. On December 3, 2012 the organization became a legal entity with registration # 2723, recorded in volume V, book IV in the national registry. With multiple obstacles to overcome, in 2015 Montaña Verde Ltd. obtained Fairtrade certification.


Quick facts:
Year established:
Primary industry:
Food Products and Beverages (including Seafood)
# of employees

Permanent (including part-time and seasonal):
Percentage (0 - 100) that are women, if known:
23 %
Contract / occasional / indirect:
Established as:
Company ownership/management:
Mixed ownership/management
Certifications Currently Held:
Fair Trade
Corporate Social Responsibility:
1. Organizing medical brigades attending to more than 550 patients a year. 2. Identification and management of water sources. 3. Productivity support program for members of the cooperative
Company has export experience?:
Yes - since 2012
Global exports (NOT Canada, samples):
  Product Destination Value (USD) Year
  Coffee Canada 198,285,748 convert $ 2016
  Coffee Canada 169,278,700 convert $ 2015
  Coffee Canada 166,233,100 convert $ 2014
Previous exports to Canada?:
Yes - since 2014
Exports to Canada - samples:
  Name Address Value (USD) Year
  N/A N/A 198,285,748 convert $ 2016
  N/A N/A 169,278,700 convert $ 2015
  N/A N/A 166,233,100 convert $ 2014
Agent or representative in Canada:
  Name Address Product(s) Region
  Ken Gabbay Coffee Ltd Montreal Coffee Quebec, Canada

Product Profile (1 product):
Last Modified
Food Products and Beverages : Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and Sugar : Coffee : Instant/Powdered
HS Code: 090111 (Coffee, not roasted, not decaffeinated)
Price:  ---
Annual Production Capacity (units): 1443750 qq
Annual Export Capacity (units): 2062500 qq
Other Products and/or Specifications:  ---





Note: This information presented is provided by the exporter and has not been formally verified by TFO Canada. TFO Canada does not assume any responsibility for errors or misstatements contained in this profile nor any liability for any aspect of subsequent trading or other business conducted based on this information.

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