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Trade News

Each day TFO Canada publishes a sample of trade news on the Canadian import market along with any new, updated or changed regulations and legislations regarding international trade; countries in which TFO Canada offers services and on the export sectors which it promotes.


CBSA Releases Semi-Annual List of Trade Compliance Verification Priorities

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 > 08:16:23

(Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd)

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) publicly releases a semi-annual list of all of its active compliance verification priorities, in the interest of transparency and the promotion of self-compliance. It recently published its trade verification targets for the second half of 2014. While new targets have been added, many continue from the past. The 11 new items on the list range from batteries to certain machinery.
Types of post-release verification processes:

The CBSA manages compliance with the Tariff Classification, Tariff Treatment, Valuation, and Origin programs using the following two post-release verification processes:

  1. Random Verifications

  2. Targeted Priorities

1. Random Verifications

Random verifications are designed to measure compliance rates and revenue loss and the results may be used for many purposes, including:

  • Risk assessment;

  • Establishing client service activities;

  • Revenue assessment; and

  • Promoting voluntary compliance.

2. Targeted Priorities

Targeted priorities are determined through a risk-based, evergreen process, meaning that new targets are added throughout the fiscal year. Targeted priorities may also be carried over from previous years.

Trade Compliance Verifications – July 2014

A summary of the current targeted priorities can be found below:

Tariff Classification (TC):  HS Number(s)
Fresh Cut Flowers  0603.19.00
Pickled Vegetables  2001.90.90.91
Curling Irons (Round 2)  8516.32.10
Spectacle Lenses  9001.40.10 and 9001.50.10
Furniture for Non-Domestic Purposes  Various goods of Heading 94.01 and 94.03
Palm Oil  1511.90.10 and 1511.90.20
Chemicals product  Various goods of Heading 38.08
Safety Headgear (Round 2)  6506.10.10.90
Seaweed (Round 2)  1212.21.00 and 1212.29.00
Dextrins and Other Modified Starches (Round 2)  3505.10.90
Disposable and Protective Gloves (Round 2)  3926.20.10 and 4015.19.10
Wheel Rims and Spokes (Round 2)  8714.92.00
Coconut Milk from Asian Countries (Round 2)  1106.30.00, 2008.19.90 and 2106.90.10.90
Batteries (new)  8506.10.10 and 8506.50.10
Gazebos (new)  9406.00.90.20
Apparel Samples (new)  9936.00.00
Bags of Polymers of Ethylene (new)  3923.21.90
Footwear Valued at $30 or More per Pair (new)  6403.59.20 and 6403.99.30
Hair Extensions (new)  6703.00.00
Machinery for Public Works (new)  8479.10.00
Sacks and Bags under Tariff Item 9903.00.00 (new)  3923.21.90, 6305.32.00 and 6305.33.00
Special Purpose Motor Vehicles (new)  8705.90.90.90
Polyurethanes in Primary Forms (new)  3909.50.00
Valuation  HS Number(s)
Fresh Cut Flowers  0603.19.00
Apparel  Various goods of Chapters 61 and 62
Footwear  Various goods of Chapter 64
Yachts for Pleasure or Sport  Various goods of Heading 89.03
Preparations and Pastrycooks’ Products  Various goods of Chapter 19
Origin  HS Number(s)
Bedding and Drapery  Various goods of Heading 63.01, 63.02 and 63.03
Mattress Upholstery  Various goods of Chapters 54,55 and 60
Cotton Pants  6203.42
T-Shirts  Heading 61.09
Jewelry (new)  7113.11.90, 7113.19.90 and 7113.20.90

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