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How to safely deal with China - Toronto Event

Start Date: October 24, 2007, 09:00
End Date: October 25, 2007, 17:00
Event Contact: Francine Dore at 1-800-861-6618
For More Information: http://www.compufinder.com/en/plansdecours/chine.php


International Purchasing in China / Taiwan
Objectives :
The Chinese market includes a communist country in transition towards a free market economy and two administrative areas HONG KONG and MACAU from which public administration respect some democratic rights.
With a population of 1,298,847,624 inhabitants in July 2004, China has exported in 2004 436.1 billions $ USD and has become an important supply source in many sectors due to its very competitive prices and conditions. On the other hand, cultural aspects,custom systems, distance, currency, selection of good sources authentically Chinese are risks related to this type of supply. This program will allow you to better understand these various aspects, know the stakes and perform profitable negotiations for your company and your market.
Institution: Compu-Finder
Targeted Public : Purchasing Agents, Procurement Managers, Managers, Importers,Agents, Distributors, Wholesalers, Logistics Managers, Bankers.
Learn :
1. To select supply sources from ASIA
2. To negotiate with these sources
3. To minimize the risks for the importing company
Context :
If the company wishes to do business with Chinese suppliers, it must consider certain specific aspects to the ways and customs of that country which is more and more opened to Occident especially since its accession to the World Trade Organisation, such as means of communication,languages and dialects, time zones, economical analyses of the market, international agreements applied in this country.
Selection of sources :
One of the important stakes is the power to discover the right supply sources. There exists many ways to find out these sources. We will cover security means for importing companies during the selection of suppliers section.
Invitations to tender :
In some cases, importing companies will ask Chinese suppliers to reply to calls for tenders.
How adjust the drafting in order to reflect this reality?
Documentation and methodology :
International purchasing increase the documentation to treat. What can be asked to the supplier to get the best logistic process? In this section, we will cover:
* the certificate of origin;
* the customs documentation;
* the recognition of counterfeit products;
* the way to manage certain forms of corruption;
* the determining the good choice of transporters;
* the right use of incoterms; the right choice of packing.
Particularities of that big geographical region :
Since the March 2003 election by the National's People's Congress (NPC) of the actual President HU Jintao and of the Vice President ZENG Qinghong, we are witnessing a wave without precedent of changes at all levels.
There are actually 23 provinces (Sheng), 5 self-governing areas
(Zizhiqu),4 municipalities (Shi) and 2 special administrative areas (HONG KONG, MACAU) included in China.
Furthermore, China considers Taiwan as its 24th province; situation devided with inhabitants of Taiwan and source of conflicts.
Other specific important topics will be covered, such as :
* Government corporations and private corporations: Large/Medium Enterprises (LMES),
 Small et Medium Enterprises (SMES)
* Spin-Off Role
* Legal system
* Contacts and opportunities (How to do business in China)
* Enterprises index and credible information sources
* E-commerce with China
* Quality control
* Logistics and warehousing
* Canadian Embassy, Quebec Delegation in China and chinese representatives in Canada
* Banking services
* Credit, financing, insurance, guarantee and available grants
* Holidays
* Web resources on Provinces and other administrative areas
* Example of an area of China which is a business and distribution center since more than
 2,000 years
* Overseas trade fairs of interest
The behaviour, the ethics, the business cultures, the vocabulary, the economic analysis,the modes of operation must be adapted according to the asian area with which the enterprise is planning to establish business relations. With the help of an overview of that immense area, participants will be able to prepare and adapt themselves to various characteristics.
Payments : There are many ways to pay the products purchased in foreign countries. We will make a listing, and will indicate the international risks of payment and the impact on the cashflow for importing enterprises and, moreover, we will cover the acquisition of currencies.
Duration: 2 days in Toronto: October 24 and 25th, 2007
Park Plaza Hotel
33, Carlson Court, Toronto, ONT
To register, please contact Francine Dore at 1-800-861-6618
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