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 APRIL 2018

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Start Date: May 1, 2007, 09:00
End Date: May 15, 2007, 17:00
Event Contact: Nathalie Rodrigue
For More Information: http://www.transfair.ca/en/products/difference/events/


National Fair Trade Weeks 2007 will take place between May 1st and 15th. The annual campaign is designed to increase awareness about Fair Trade among Canadians and to support creative ways of bringing Fair Trade to the street. The year 2007 marks the sixth edition of National Fair Trade Weeks and coincides with the tenth year anniversary of TransFair Canada, the certification body for Fair Trade products.
The theme of this year’s National Fair Trade Weeks is: “Fair Trade Works! Ten years of changing lives.” Because Fair Trade does work and gives results; it is a pragmatic tool which contributes to poverty alleviation in developing countries. In 2006, Canadians have been very responsive to Fair Trade, with a 57% increase in volume (kg) of Fair Trade Certified products sold in Canada.
Fair Trade works:
-for producers and workers in the South: by providing a fair and stable price for their products, more direct relationships with importers, good working conditions and dignity
-for the environment: by making sure that Fair Trade Certified products are cultivated with little or no use of chemicals and pesticides and following sound environmental practices
-for communities in the South: by providing better access to education and health services as well as improved infrastructures, thanks to the Fair Trade premium for social development, as well as limiting rural exodus
-for the consumers: by giving them access to high quality products, while ensuring that the fair trade products they buy improve the lives of small, marginalized producers in developing countries
The growth of the Fair Trade movement in Canada as well as the success of National Fair Trade Weeks has been made possible with the involvement and hard work of a wide range of people, organizations and companies. For its tenth anniversary, TransFair Canada is proud to highlight the important contribution of:
-10 Fair Trade pioneers in Canada
-10 first licensed companies
-10 first southern cooperatives to sell Fair Trade Certified products in Canada
Profile and contact info on those individuals and companies will be made available soon.
-For more information on National Fair Trade Weeks 2007 and for a list of events taking place all across Canada go to: http://www.transfair.ca/en/products/difference/events/ (you can also contact Nathalie Rodrigue at nathalie.rodrigue@transfair.ca or call 613-563-3351 ext.22)
-For more information on TransFair Canada’s tenth anniversary and for media enquiries, please contact Chantal Havard at chantal.havard@transfair.caor call 613-563-3351 ext.21
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